Online lecture – dr Tal Pavel (the new date!) | WSEI Kraków

Online lecture - dr Tal Pavel (the new date!)


Dear students and friends of WSEI,

we would like to invite you to an online lecture by dr Tal Pavel "Cybercrime During Coronavirus Era". The lecture will be conducted in English.

"The coronavirus era has affected humankind in a wide range of spheres and faces waves of challenges across sectors and nations. One of them is cyberspace and the ability of different malicious actors to take advantage of the outbreak, the fear, doubt and uncertainty, the stay-at-home orders, and the new remote-working models, all for malicious and criminal purposes.

The study examines the types of cyberattacks that happened during the first months of the coronavirus outbreak, their motives, and perpetrators. The analysis was based on related events of cyber-attacks and cybercrimes as published in media sources of information security, along with general media outlets, private blogs, research studies, and official publications of governments, agencies, and NGOs.

Currently, individuals, businesses, and countries face different types of cyber-attacks from different malicious motives. Different surveys examined remote-working model trends, especially in terms of cybersecurity (awareness, budgets, security, and intention to adopt this remote-working model). Based on those analyses, some of the reports predict that the near future will bring new, large-scale, powerful coronavirus-related cyberattacks, perhaps more than we ever knew."

Short bio of dr Tal Pavel: Founder and CEO, CyBureau, Head of Cybersecurity Studies, Academic College of Tel Aviv -Yaffo.

Date: 18.11.
Time: 8:45 AM
Platform: Microsoft Teams.
To join the online lecture, you just have to click the link below at the given time and follow the instructions.
Link to the lecture


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